4K, HD Nuke Video Clip

4K, HD NUKE Video Clip is the easiest way to nuke something inside your computer. This HD mushroom cloud comes as a PNG image sequence with transparency for easy compositing in After Effects, Motion, or any other video compositing program. Also usable inside any 3D animation program by mapping this onto a plane.

    • C4Depot’s HD NUKE sequence includes:
    • 4K PNG image sequence with transparency alpha
    • Green Screen 1080p video clip
    • 1080p HD video clip on Black
    • Cinema 4D scene file with UV mapped plane
    • 1080p alpha channel
    • 1080p alpha channel with contracted edges

Nuke HD Video Clip
The C4Depot Nuke is a 4K PNG image sequence with 1080p versions on black and green with an alpha channel for compositing effects or projecting onto a plane in a 3D environment.