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With over 150,000 downloads per year, James Steidl ranks among the top 30 most downloaded producers of stock imagery in the world. His work includes photography, 3D and 2D illustration. Working as an art director in the advertising industry, James has produced packaging, advertising, collateral and multimedia for a wide range of clients since 1984 and is proficient in all forms of production. Customers include: The New York Times, Universal Studios, Disney Studios, CNN, 60 Minutes, The History Channel, MetLife,, The Hammond World Atlas (cover) Popular Science and over a half-million others. For over 25 years, James Steidl has has also created acclaimed branding, packaging and advertising for numerous international accounts. An expert designer as well as an accomplished illustrator, writer and photographer, James has earned kudos for his work and was featured in the premiere issue of Create Magazine for his packaging design, and has appeared as the featured photographer on several stock photography sites. James is also the developer of, and

4K HD NUKE video clip

4K, HD NUKE Video Clip is the easiest way to nuke something inside your computer. This HD mushroom cloud comes as a PNG image sequence with transparency for easy compositing in After Effects, Motion, or any other video compositing program. Also usable inside any 3D animation program by mapping this onto a plane. C4Depot’s HD […]

EZ Cloud 1.3

EZ Cloud 1.3 is the latest and best volumetric cloud generator for Cinema 4D. Packed with value, this product is the “bomb” for creating animated, morphing clouds in Cinema 4D EZ Cloud 1.2 is out and jammed full of new features”. Morphing and moving clouds 2 Volumetric cloud system rigs Infinite, photographic cloud plane 2 […]