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C4Depot Starry Night is a ready-to-render scene file with eight Xpresso modules that give you control over everything you need to create a convincing night environment:

  • Starry Sky background with twinkling stars and adjustable color and brightness
  • Adjustable, illuminating moon rig with customizable position, color, glow and illumination
  • Animated water floor
  • Floor with groundcover
  • Shooting Star rig
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Morphing, animated, volumetric clouds
  • Ambient lighting tool
  • Fog

Starry Night
C4Depot Night is an integrated scene file with eight Xpresso modules to create any virtual night environment. Includes customizable Starry Night Sky, Adjustable Moon, Horizons, Shooting Stars, Aurora Borealis, Volumetric Clouds, Ambient Light Tool and Fog.

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