4K HD NUKE video clip

4K, HD NUKE Video Clip is the easiest way to nuke something inside your computer. This HD mushroom cloud comes as a PNG image sequence with transparency for easy compositing in After Effects, Motion, or any other video compositing program. Also usable inside any 3D animation program by mapping this onto a plane.

  • C4Depot’s HD NUKE sequence includes.
  • 4K PNG image sequence with transparency alpha
  • Green Screen 1080p video clip
  • 1080p HD video clip on Black
  • Cinema 4D scene file with UV mapped plane
  • 1080p alpha channel
  • 1080p alpha channel with contracted edges

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EZ Cloud 1.3

EZ Cloud 1.3 is the latest and best volumetric cloud generator for Cinema 4D. Packed with value, this product is the “bomb” for creating animated, morphing clouds in Cinema 4D

  • EZ Cloud 1.2 is out and jammed full of new features”.
  • Morphing and moving clouds
  • 2 Volumetric cloud system rigs
  • Infinite, photographic cloud plane
  • 2 animatable, procedural noise cloud planes
  • Cloud Tunnel rig
  • Tornado rig with scene file
  • HDRI Clear Sky for all EZ Cloud scenes
  • “Twister” asset exploder to destroy your models with the tornado
  • Farm house, barn, fence & silo to destroy with tornado
  • Fly-over cloud rig with morphing clouds
  • Volumetric Ground fog
  • Biplane 3D model
  • Hot air balloon 3D model
  • Zeppelin 3D model
  • Cloud presets
  • Rainbow

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