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Infinite Ocean
Infinite Ocean for Cinema 4D by C4Depot. Creates an infinite ocean that will not choke your processor. Great for high-speed camera work over water. Control wave direction, swell size and speed. Control multiple boats & floating objects. Includes camera rig with endless water mesh, Xpresso Lighthouse, Yacht, buoy and various boats. Requires R12 or higher.


  • VR Ready with Cinema 4D R19 or CV VR Cam plugin
  • New, ultra-realistic sea foam and whitecap shader
  • New water geometry with more realistic crests and peaks
  • Control swell direction, size and speed
  • One seamless, photographic HD Real Sky Studio sky (8k pixels wide)
  • Model bouy for scale and position
  • Easy to use
  • Wakes for ships at bow and stern
  • Floating object controlers for multiple boats
  • Transparent water shader
  • Comes with high-poly, detailed 3D yacht model
  • Infinite Ocean no longer contains the promotional Real Sky Studio sky sampler

What Infinite Ocean is

Infinite Ocean is an easy-to-use, add-on for Cinema 4D which allows anyone to quickly add a limitless Ocean or large body of water to a scene. With Infinite Ocean, you’ll be productive right out of the box without waiting forever to see your renders or master the tool. IO 1.4 is a displacement-based tool which is very light on system resources providing a shallow learning curve yet produces powerful results with customizable sliders to control wave amplitude and sea foam quality and coverage.

What Infinite Ocean is not

Infinite Ocean is not a cumbersome, particle-based plugin which takes forever to learn, use and render. You cannot pour Infinite Ocean into a bottle and shake it around. Similarly, you cannot create a tubular wave which crashes on top of an animated surfer inside of the pipeline (at least, not yet).

Features Added in Infinite Ocean 1.4

Using Floating Objects with Infinite Ocean

Features Added in IO 1.31

Infinite Ocean & Island Kit Example Footage