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If for any reason, you don’t get a download link after purchasing a product, please send us an e-mail and we will be happy to correct the problem.  Please remember that we live in California and we might be asleep while it’s the middle of your day. is owned by Marketing Arts Group, Inc., located in San Diego, California.  We do not list an official address on our site because everyone at telecommutes from their home offices.  But don’t worry, the contact form below works pretty good.


Kyle Gruba

Kyle is the 3D genius behind this site. His knowledge of Cinema 4D is at an expert level as he is the author of the C4Depot Studio Kit and other products featured on this site. Kyle has been a digital artist since his teens and has always been creating in a 3D environment. You can e-mail Kyle by clicking on his name.


James Steidl

Jamie does a lot of the modeling, web development, planning and marketing. Clients who have purchased James Steidl’s work include: Disney Studios, Universal Studios, 60 Minutes, The HIstory Channel, CNN, MetLife,, The Hammond World Atlas (cover) Popular Science and over one million others.